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Wait! Before You Launch That New E-Course!

You've finally done it! You're ready to launch a new course, presentation, training, or app. There is so much potential with this endeavor from creating more knowledgable employees, pitching a major idea, or earning some passive income with an app or e-course. Believe it or not, the VOICE you choose may make or break this project.

When it comes to e-learning and training courses, the voice you choose can have a major impact on your audience. Whether you are creating presentations or interactive lessons, it is essential to find a tone that feels authentic and approachable, while still maintaining a sense of professionalism and credibility. This can be challenging, as you want your voice to represent your brand in a cohesive way that also resonates with your learners.

To achieve this balance, it is important to first consider your audience. Is your course geared towards beginners, who might benefit from a more simple and straightforward style? Or are you targeting advanced learners who may appreciate a more complex or technical writing approach? Understanding the needs and interests of your target audience will help you select the right tone for your material.

Once you have identified an appropriate voice for your e-learning or training course, it is important to maintain consistency throughout all aspects of the material. This includes ensuring that any graphics or visuals are consistent with the overall style and tone of your writing, as well as sticking to other elements such as terminology, structure, clarity of instructions, etc. A consistent voice will create cohesion not only within each piece of content but also between different pieces of content.

As an educator of almost 20 years I have seen the many ways teaching and LEARNING has changed. Launching a new course contributed to the vast need for knowledge and new skills and variety of settings. It's important work! Get your course out there. You got this!

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